The JCB Mud Run. We enter team: BQI Liabilities!

At the weekend, some people might go for a jog in the park, cycle round the local lake, or head to the gym. A team from our Northampton office, calling themselves BQI Liabilities, decided to take on the JCB Mud Run.

The JCB Mud Run started in 2012 and has grown from a small gathering of 500 fun runners to a 5 mile course, challenging almost 3,000 participants whilst taking in over 30 obstacles and A LOT of mud.

Not only did the team commit a lot of time and effort to get fit in order to complete the grueling course, they also managed to raise £765 for Alex, a happy, cheeky little 6 year old who was born with a rare chromosome deletion. The money raised helps towards the cost of a ground floor extension and equipment. The extension will become Alex’s bedroom and wet room so he can have a space that is completely safe for him to play and sleep in. The extension will help improve Alex’s daily life and help him to become more independent.



Before the JCB Mud Run. 

Front Row – Alex. 

L-R Ben Adams, Michaela Cooke, Jennie Parnell, Lorraine Sullivan, Adam Brown

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 09.05.01

After the JCB Mud Run!  They wouldn’t be getting a lift home in my car.

Adam lived up to the team name and required a trip to the first aid tent after falling from a set of monkey bars and banging his knee on a rock! I’m sure he will be making a full risk assessment before next year’s event (sorry, we couldn’t resist the reference)! A dose of adrenalin and supporters cheering the team on around the course certainly helped on the lung-busting climbs and through the cold water.

Michaela found the team work got her through the difficult parts: “for me that was the solid mile run at the beginning!” Also, the cause the team were running for helped whilst caked in muddy, thick, slimey, stinky bog mud – most of which was from impromptu mud fights around the course!

BQI Liabilities couldn’t thank everyone enough for their support and sponsorship. Alex’s extension is coming on nicely.

Training continues for the 2017 course, and there is talk of investing in a jet washer for after the finish line.